After enduring years of harassment from the police, Mohamed Bouazizi comes to a decision. On December 17th, 2010, he publicly sets himself on fire. This is where "Error 404" takes up its narrative about the beginnings of the Arab Spring.
A film by
Kays Khalil and Kazim Emrah Akal
Original Skript, Direction, DOP:
Kays Khalil
Art Design, Animation, Special Effects, Editing:
Kays Khalil, Kazim Emrah Akal
Character Design:
Kazim Emrah Akal
Composition, Sound Design:
Rudi Hochrein, Marcus Tronsberg
Sound Editing, Sound Mixing:
Rudi Hochrein
production designer
Voice Over:
Gerd Andresen
Kays Khalil
Film funded by 
FFA - German Federal Film Board
DOK Leipzig 
Monstra Lisboa Animation Festival
Manifesto Film Festival
Wales International Film Festival
© 2017
Special thanks to: 
Djenna Wehenpohl, Haythm Shadid, Jakob Seewald, Jessica Harms, Christoph Hallmann,
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