“Highlighting Alternatives!” (Alternativen aufzeigen!) is a collection of short films and exercises to support pedagogical work with students in grades five and up that focus on Islam, racism, democracy, and radicalisation. These films tap into current issues and developments that youths find themselves confronted with in the media and depict the differing perspectives. 
However, the films and accompanying exercises do not attempt to deliver easy answers. Instead they show that there are diverse viewpoints and ideas when dealing with such issues.
The first part is about REFUGEES. It addresses many of the questions that are relevant for young people: Who are the refugees? Who are the people helping them? And what is the role of media in the whole debate? ​​​​​​​
Client: UFUQ/HAW Hamburg
Art Direction: Kays Khalil
Animation: Kays Khalil
Cutter: Christoph Hallmann
Editor: Deniz Ünlü
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